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The Foundation for Al-Quds University Medical School


The Foundation for Al-Quds University Medical School (FQMS) was incorporated on 3 July 1997 as a Company limited by guarantee No 3398543. FQMS received registration of its charitable status from the Charity Commissioners on 7 August 1997 with the registered charity number 1063835. The principle charitable object of FQMS is "the advancement of education of the public in the field of medicine and in particular for the advancement of all aspects of the work of the Medical School at Al-Quds University."

The Foundation supports:

1. Salary supplementation for faculty staff in the Medical Schools.

2. Bursaries for post-graduate training and sub-speciality training in the UK.

3. Short attachments for faculty staff members.

4. Organisation of visits by international teachers and examiners to the schools.

5. Supporting e-learning and distance learning.

6. The provision of teaching material and equipment to the schools.

7. Short term hospital based training in Britain for 5th year students - 'clinical electives'.

8. Bursaries for students with particular needs.

9. Providing funds for student representation at international conferences.

10. Encouraging cooperation between the different medical schools.

11. Supports and helps standardizing and unifying the educational standards among the different medical schools.

The Foundation currently has more than 350 members.