Because of the desperate economic conditions on the West Bank and in Gaza it is essential that we recruit as much support for the Medical Schools from outside the Occupied Territories as is possible.


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FQMS PhD funding of great help

Malik Zaben, FQMS Specialist Felllowship Student

"There is no doubt that FQMS funding for my PhD study at the University of Southampton has been of great help. In that period of time and under the supervision of Professor Grey, I have managed to generate an outstanding piece of research as evidenced by publications and a number of prizes. In both 2008 & 2009, I won the best prize at the British Neurosurgery Research Group. My last paper published in "Stem Cells" won the first prize across the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Life Sciences for paper published in 2009. This research adds to the literature significant information on the control of stem cells in the brain, opening the door for the use of drugs to control stem cells and  their use in repair after brain injury and or neurodegeneration.  Regarding my neurosurgical training I have been working in the Neurosciences Intensive Care Unit at the Wessex Neurological Centre. I join Professor Gray in his operating theatre where I get the chance to watch the surgery and learn. I am enjoying my training and can not wait for the time when I complete it and go back home to exchange experience and knowledge with colleagues and help our patients in Palestine."