Because of the desperate economic conditions on the West Bank and in Gaza it is essential that we recruit as much support for the Medical Schools from outside the Occupied Territories as is possible.


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Investing in today's youth for a better future

Political turmoil does not protect a society from disease. To be ill in Palestine is a hardship - more so than in many other places. Palestinians are often unable to access more than basic health care. This is especially poignant as they are sandwiched between states with highly developed medical services. People live with the daily painful knowledge that good treatment is available nearby, yet not accessible except to a few, at great personal and financial cost to the family and society. The long term solution is not in buying external services but in improving care locally. FQMS fervently believes the way forward is through education.


Our mission is to support the development of proficient medical health care in Palestine, as part of a successful civil society, by nurturing young Palestinian men and women in their quest to become skilled, humane and committed doctors, willing and able to serve their people, raise medical standards and pass on their skills to others. FQMS, a charity for medical education, supports undergraduate and post graduate training at many levels including faculty development, medical student support, equipment provision, electives, e-learning, outside lecturers and examiners and postgraduate subspecialty training , all with negligible administrative costs. Every step and every project provides another building block towards an accessible, equitable, quality health care and a more self-sufficient nation.


We cannot do this without your support. Help us invest in Palestine's youth for a better future.