Ayman’s elective 2016

Read about Ayman’s elective to Oxford in 2016:

Ayman’s elective

“My elective was a really amazing experience. I got to go abroad and be amongst breath-taking nature in England. Also I got to learn about the educational system, it is well developed and works hard to develop each medical student. The physicians were so kind and gentle.

My elective lasted for eight weeks, but they passed like just a few days as I had very good relationships there and enjoyed my time between the two hospitals, Churchill and John Radcliffe. I attended the wards, outpatient clinics, theatres and clinical sessions with Oxford medical students in their last year. I also contributed in three research projects in both departments, Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgery at Churchill Hospital, and Neurosurgery at John Radcliffe Hospital.

Three weeks in the upper GI ward department were special and great. My supervisor gave me the opportunity to participate in his surgeries. It was a really astonishing feeling, especially as I am planning to do surgery after graduation. I took patient histories in both the UGI or Neurosurgical departments, which included doing full physical examinations and made some decisions.

Giving the medical students a chance to travel is really good, but financial support is critical. Dreaming about something needs hard work from different aspects to be achievable. Keep supporting every talented student. By the grace of my god, I hope my dreams will be accomplished.”

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