Message from the outgoing Chairperson autumn 2016

Read the message from Dr Lina Nashef, our outgoing chairperson:

“Those of us who watched Mohamed Jabaly’s hard-hitting film Ambulance, showing the courage and resilience of Abu Marzouq and other paramedics during the 2014 Gaza bombardment, were reminded only too well of how stark the situation in Palestine was and still is now. Such reminders make us even more determined to support the training of Palestinian doctors with our partners: MAP, Madrinha and Juzoor with support from the Arab Fund.

In 2016, we found ourselves at crossroads. There comes a time in the life of a small organisation when, to grow, it needs a more secure footing. To do this, having full time staff is essential. We are delighted that Rita Leonard is now working full time with FQMS. FQMS leadership is also changing and with this comes youth, renewal and energy as well as a sense of humour! FQMS is very fortunate that Dr Khaled Dawas, an active trustee since July 2013, has taken over as chairman with Dr Nihad Tamimi as vice-chairman.

I look back at all that has been achieved with gratitude to our generous friends and to my fellow trustees who have contributed so much, often at personal cost. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our previous secretary Adam Wolton, who like his brother David, volunteered selflessly for many years. On behalf of my fellow trustees I would also like to wish good health to our treasurer, Mr Tony Leonard, who had continued to work hard despite illness. Thank you Tony. Thank you all for making it possible for FQMS to carry out its mission.

Looking forward, let us all stand behind our new chairman Khaled and help FQMS recruit wider support. For those of us based in the UK, it is a privilege that through organisations like FQMS we can support our people in Palestine. One of the best ways to do this is through education. My late father, Abdel Malik Al Nashef, like so many others, saw his family lose their lands in 1948 and instilled in us that education is paramount. Supporting education is the key to the success of future generations and is what FQMS stands for. Together we can make a real difference.”