Al Quds accommodation update 2017

Al Quds University accommodation is “the first and last option” for over 310 students in 2017 training in hospitals away from home. Read about the experiences of some of the students who have used them:


Loay is a 6th year medical student from Jenin.

“It is really difficult to be in Hebron for 2 weeks without having a place to sleep or study, as travelling between Hebron and Jenin takes about 3 hours. I used the flat that are located on Abo Kitalih. It was in good condition and furnished with suitable utilities.”  


Ali is a 5th year medical student from Deir El-Ghoson, Tulkarem.

“It is really challenging to be in Hebron for 4 weeks without having place to sleep as the distance from Hebron to Abu Deis (where I live) is too long and a wasted time and money. It was really comfortable and peaceful being there”


Omar is a 4th year medical student from Ramallah.

“I did an internal medicine rotation on Al-Alhi hospital for 5 weeks during that time I used the flats that are allocated for 4th year students in Hebron it was a nice experience that saved my time, so that I could study and saved a lot of money that I had to pay daily.”


Tareq is a 4th year medical student from Hebron.

“I did a surgical rotation for 5 weeks in Ramallah at PMC. Al Quds University provided an apartment for us to stay in while we were doing our clinical training. The apartment was close to the hospital, comfortable and had good services including internet. So it helped me a lot and saved my time and my money from transporting daily from Hebron to Ramallah and from finding an apartment on my own.”

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