Annual fundraising dinner 2017

The trustees of FQMS would like to thank all of our supporters for making the Annual Fundraising Dinner, on Friday 3rd March 2017, a great success. 

With your help we were able to raise over £138,000 in aid of medical education in Palestine at the annual fundraising dinner 2017.

We had great music from Omar Kamal accompanied by Rob Barron and Emilia Parker accompanied by David Merriman.

There were also inspirational speeches from Alexei Sayle and Ahmed Masoud.

The night finished with a dabke performance and workshop led by Ahmed Masoud.

Two of our guests were honored:

Fuad Haddad

Fuad attended the dinner with his son, where he was honoured for his long service and dedication to FQMS. Thank you Fuad!

Lina Nashef

Lina was honoured for her hard-work and commitment as Chairperson for the last 6 years. Thank you Lina!

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