Chairman’s report – Summer 2017

Read the Chairman’s, Khaled Dawas, summer 2017 report:


“FQMS is in its 3rd decade and continues to expand its reach and scope. Thank you to many of you who attended our Annual Fund Raising Dinner at the Jumeirah Carlton Tower Hotel on the 3rd March 2017. We had a full ballroom with more than 220 guests and supporters. The dinners are always packed with entertainment and fundraising activities.

This year they were organised by Dr Rawya Charif. Ahmed Masoud talked about his struggles ensuring his education and entertained many with the Dabkeh folk dance he led. Omar Kamal, the rising Palestinian singer, was excellent and brought all to their feet with his rendition of the famous tune “Mawtini” (My Home). Emilia Parker, accompanied by David Merriman, delighted with her soothing singing and music and Alexei Sayle brought his renowned wit and humour to the stage. The list of those who contributed is very long and I thank all of you.

Ultimately the success of the evening is measured by your enjoyment and the money we raised for medical education in Palestine. You raised over £138,000.

The Al Qattan Foundation and Mr and Mrs Rishani were two of the many exceedingly generous donors this year. Consequently we continue to support our key projects including bursaries for excelling medical students in need, providing accommodation for students away from home, supporting students to experience medicine outside Palestine and qualified doctors needing to pass English proficiency tests to enter training posts in the UK.

Over the coming year we shall be interviewing doctors applying to sub specialise in the UK. Dr Lina Nashef takes a leading role in this process and travels to Palestine to interview candidates. We shall also be involved in placing students at various hospitals in the UK for their electives in the summer. New projects we are considering include a dedicated campus bus to ease the transport difficulty in Gaza. We are also studying proposals for new postgraduate leadership degrees for doctors.

FQMS survives on your generosity and the contacts we build. We very much value our partnerships with the Madrinha Trust, MAP and the Asfari Foundation in the UK. Graduates of the Palestinian medical schools tell us of the high regard in which FQMS is held. Please bear FQMS in mind if you are planning your Zakat this year. I would also, very much, welcome your proposals, suggestions and collaborations in medical education.

We hope to keep the family growing … and educated.”