Madrinha Trust update summer 2017

Madrinha Trust

Here is an update on our much valued partnership with the Madrinha Trust very much:

4 more scholarships were recently awarded: Hisham (IUG), Mahmoud (Al Quds), Angham (An Najah) and Khaled (Al Azhar). Majd and Mohammed are continuing to progress well in their third year. Raneen, Ayman, Haitham and Mahmoud are coming to the end of their undergraduate studies and will hopefully be joining Majd in the world of life as a qualified doctor. We hope that before this Haitham and Mahmoud will be able to make it out of Gaza for their electives. We wish them and the rest of this summer’s elective students an enjoyable learning experience abroad.

We share a letter from Majd, who graduated from Al Quds last summer, about her new life as a doctor:

Do what you love and love what you do


“The thought of my graduation day played in my mind for years; the stage decorations, the vibrant auditorium, the matching academic dresses. When it arrived it was not the ceremony that excited us as graduates, but rather the significance of this practice. To me, graduation resembles change; the small key which opens big doors.

After 6 years of hard work I had earned the title “doctor”, which is truly a huge responsibility. Life as a doctor is somehow much more complicated than I had thought. Now I have to deal with all kinds of patients, giving them the best I can, whilst keeping myself up to date, doing more reading than before whilst also improving my practical skills.

Coffee is still my favourite part of starting a day. I drink coffee and listen to music everyday while walking to the bus station heading to Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah, where I am doing my internship. I have done 8 months so far in 4 different departments. I have enjoyed internal medicine the most!

Having no exams is such a relief and a great deal to do lots of things; I go to gym every other day, have started learning to drive and enjoy hiking. I have also participated in a 10km run in Bethlehem and am planning another in May.

Meanwhile, I am preparing for my next step, residency! My favourite motto was and still is “do what you love and love what you do”. I love medicine and this is why I always give my best and will continue to improve myself in this field. I am so grateful to the Madrinha Trust and of course you, for making my dreams come true.”

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