Update from Jehad Hammad at KCL summer 2017

Jehad's update 2017

Jehad is Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the IUG. FQMS supported the initial creation of his “Pharmacology Animation Book”, which enabled him to get a scholarship through the Zamala Fellowship Programme to go to KCL to develop it further. Read an update on how Jehad Hammad is getting on:

“Over the last three months at the Pharmacology Department at the KCL, I have been involved in many educational activities in addition to revising and updating my “Pharmacology Animation Book”.

Hi Dr. Brain,
Just wanted to say that the Dr. Hammad was amazing. I have never learned anything so fast and hope to have him for more tutorials, if that is possible? Also, can I get the link for his animations, as they were very good?

I ran tutorial sessions for third year pharmacology students using my new animation tool, which was highly appreciated by the students. Professor Susan Brain, the Head of Pharmacology Department, received much positive feedback from the students. Additionally I was honored to officially peer review the lectures delivered by the head of Pharmacology Department and her team, as well as attending official department meetings at KCL.

All in all this is proving to be a great learning experience, which would never have been possible if FQMS had not supported the initial work on my animation book.”

Read about the professional development programme here