Dr Chris Burns-Cox visit to Gaza – May 2017

Read about Dr Chris Burns-Cox’s visit to Gaza in 2017 to examine the students at IUG:

Dr. Burns-Cox Visit to Gaza – May 2017
Dr. Burns-Cox Visit to Gaza – May 2017

“I arrived at Erez crossing to Gaza and was met by Bassem, PR Officer for the Islamic University in Gaza.

On the Saturday, we went to the European Hospital where the clinical exams were to take place in the Out-Patients department. The ‘written’ part of the Clinical Medicine exam had taken place already using MCQs with electronic scoring.

I had met the senior doctors examining previously. There were 31 female and 37 male students to be examined. There were two sets of 5 ten minute OSCE stations carried out in English.

My visit was at the invitation of Dr. Anwar Alshaikhkhalil, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, IUG. Anwar has been able to travel outside Gaza and is very up-to-date on exam techniques and the details and practicalities of the Gaza exams are a tribute to his knowledge, hard work and leadership.

I very much enjoyed my visit and was honoured to have been invited. Thank you to FQMS for your support.”

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