Pledges and Donations 2017



This year with the help of the Asfari Foundation and the Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust, your donations helped us continue to provide 7 temporary loggings for more than 250 Al Quds Medical School students.

“I’m from Tulkarem and I did a cardiac surgery rotation at Al-Ahli hospital. I used our faculty flats in Hebron. There’s nothing better than having a room to sleep and study without having to travel between cities.” Suha

“I did a 5 week surgical rotation in Ramallah. I used the faculty apartment. It helped me a lot, saving time and money from travelling from Hebron to Ramallah daily and from finding an apartment on my own” Tarek


Last year, we started part funding a bus to take students from the Islamic University of Gaza to their new campus outside Gaza city, which used to cost the students about $10 per day. The students have found this very helpful, as the bus makes it easier to get to campus. They hope that there will be more buses, to reduce waiting times. Currently, the bus can take 40 students per trip.

IELTS Training

The money is in place and we await funding for doctors wishing to train in the UK, so recruitment can begin.


Thanks to the Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust we funded over £6,000 worth of clinical skills equipment for The Islamic University Medical School in Gaza. This will be used by more than 600 students. These laboratories are in constant use and much of the equipment was out of date and dilapidated. As an example, the  gynaecology models allow for teaching of pelvic, cervical and obstetric examinations.

We also funded a photocopier, laptop and printer, for Al Azhar Medical School in Gaza.


We raised £24,000 which was divided equally amongst the 4 medical schools,. These bursaries are for talented students, with higher than average scores and broad ability, who are also in extreme financial need. This year 36 students benefited, receiving $564 – $1,380 dependent on need, with the funds helping to pay fees and living costs.

“I would like to thank FQMS for choosing me for this scholarship and helping us achieve our dreams. I hope others will have the chance to get this scholarship and be helped to continue their studies.” Manal

“I would like to give my special thanks and gratitude to FQMS who helped me with my tuition money” Noor