Faiza’s bursary

Read about Faiza’s bursary, which allowed her to continue training to become a doctor:


“My name is Faiza, a 19-year-old Palestinian girl from Gaza. I am about to complete my second year at the General Medicine faculty of Al Azhar University of Gaza.

My dream to become a doctor was guided by my full awareness that it is a noble profession for serving humanity and the world we live in. I worked hard throughout my school years and graduated high school with a GPA of 98.8%. In 2016, I started my journey at the Medicine college. Medicine is a field that demands both hard work and good financial status.

Thankfully, my parents have supported my dream regardless the burden of my education costs, as they were both employed. They worked to provide my four siblings and me a good life and quality education.

It was all good until last year when unfortunately my mum lost her job which timed with the worsening of the situation in Gaza and my dad stopped receiving his full paycheque. My parents started to suffer.

No longer able to pay the requested tuition, I became seriously worried of the possibility that I might not be able to enter my final semester exams nor register for the summer courses of 2018.

Faiza’s bursary

I started to look for donations and sponsors and eventually I was referred to FQMS. When I received their response; I cannot describe the feeling of knowing that there is finally someone there to help.

I was able to enter my semester final exams and put all my focus into doing well and raising my GPA. All my courses I passed with great marks and I got the highest GPA since the beginning of my study here in Al Azhar!

I would like to thank FQMS for their support and kind consideration of my status. No words could ever explain the joy and gratefulness my family and I had when I received that email. Not everyone can realise what blessing it is to suddenly and out of nowhere have a major crisis worked out.

I cannot spoil the moment by thinking of the burden of the coming year’s tuition, as we must always believe that there is always a window of hope.”

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