Naji – postgraduate subspeciality training

Read about Naji, who received postgraduate subspeciality training in London:

Naji - postgraduate subspeciality training

“I started a two-year training programme in the Gynaecological Oncology Department in the UK in May 2016. In the beginning, I didn’t have high expectations about the quality of training I was going to have. But when I started my new post, I found that I had a great opportunity and I needed to get the maximum benefit out of it.

My training was mainly in the surgical management of women’s cancer at University College London Hospital (UCLH). It took me a short period until I felt like a member of the gynaecological oncology team. I can’t deny some difficulties at the beginning. With the support of my team and my FQMS mentor I managed to overcome them.

In a hospital like UCLH, I found highly skilled surgeons with a great amount of experience. They knew how to deal with trainees and transfer their experience to them. Also being in a city like London with a big population, exposed me to all kind of cases with good numbers. This helped me build up my experience and competence. In comparison, Palestine suffers from a lack of well-qualified trainers. Also due to the absence of big referral hospitals, the opportunities for good surgical gynaecological training are scare.

Now as I’m back home, I hope that I can use this training to contribute to raising the level of our healthcare system by transferring my experience and knowledge to new doctors.”

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