Accommodation Update – November 2018 Newsletter


I am Mahmoud, a 6th year medical student from Jenin. This is my 3rd year using the flats. In my personal experience, living away from my family proved to be difficult at first, but being able to stay at the flats with my fellow colleagues and friends really helped me in my studies, I was less homesick when surrounded by students who are also far away from their families. It is always better to wake up at 7:30 to reach the hospital than having to wake up at 5 or even 4 am in order to make it on time! This way I have more energy and I am more focused.




I am Sundus, a 4th year medical student from Tubas. This is my first week at the Hebron flats, I am so excited to be part of this experience as I always heard my older friends talking about how they make study groups, cook and go to hospitals together. I submitted an electronic form to the accommodation committee and they found accommodation for me for the bridging month rotation. Tubas is very far away and I always wanted to experience the teaching methods in Hebron hospitals so I am very glad, but we are increasing in numbers and we need more rooms. This year was really crowded, as more students needed accommodation.




I’m Bahera, a recent medical graduate from Bethlehem. I used the Ramallah flats for 3 consecutive years. I am so grateful to have been able to find a place where I can study and attend the medical rotations of my choice without having to worry about wasting time and money in transportation each day. I made a lot of friends from different year levels. Our requests were always met and whatever problem we faced we always found help.