Ali’s elective – January 2019 Newsletter

Ali in Jordan

In August 2018, I went on my elective to the University of Jordan. It focused on surgery in orthopaedics surgical department.

It is wonderful to leave Gaza to see life in other places. I am 23 years old and I have never travelled. When I had the opportunity to go to this great institution I couldn’t refuse it. I am a student in the fifth year at the Islamic University of Gaza and that the possibilities in this department are limited.

It was a dream to travel to see the development potential in the Arab countries and thank God I lasted nearly a month at the University Hospital of Jordan in the bone section with consultants such as Dr Ajlouni, Dr Khanfar and Dr Hadidi.

It was a great opportunity to see how the health system outside the Gaza Strip, to complete my education with clinical skills in the orthopaedics department and be able meet other student from other countries and exchange knowledge with them. After working in the hospital, me and my colleagues used to visit the tourist attractions in Jordan. It was a lot of fun.

Problems with the crossings meant I was delayed in starting the elective course, but it was worth it as I’ve been interested in specialising in surgery since the first year of medical school.

Thank you to FQMS for their help. I hope they continue their support for students in the future.