Ayman – Gaza bus programme

Male student on the bus
Male IUG students travelling to their training hospital

Read about Ayman’s experience of our Gaza bus programme:

“My name is Ayman, I’m a 4th year medical student at the Islamic University of Gaza. I would like to thank the FQMS staff. They were kind enough to pay for our transportation expenses, making our lives much easier.

I honestly think that this funding made the majority – if not all – of my colleagues able to get to the European Hospital. It wouldn’t have been possible without it, because other forms of transport are too expensive for us.

In the beginning of my 4th year, my father asked me if the buses we were getting were paid. I didn’t know back then, which is why I didn’t know what to say when my father said, “I don’t think we will be to afford your transportation expenses.” Luckily thanks to your support this wasn’t a problem.

I am truly grateful for what you have done for us and I hope you continue on doing this awesome act of kindness.”

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