Islam’s experience – postgraduate subspeciality training

Islam has been completing our postgraduate subspeciality training at King’s College Hospital London in interventional radiology since July 2018.


“Throughout my training years in general radiology, I started to hear about a state-of-the-art branch of radiology called ‘interventional radiology’. In this branch, major interventional procedures are performed under image guidance.

Unfortunately, there are very few training opportunities in this field available in the Arab World. In Palestine, it’s much worse as only a few basic procedures are performed. This motivated me to apply through Juzoor and FQMS to do my subspeciality training at King’s College Hospital in London.

During the past year, I have learnt to do many procedures. From basic ones, like biopsies, to peripheral vascular angioplasties. During the upcoming year, I will get more training in oncological procedures and perform trans-arterial chemoembolisation (TACE) and aortic procedures (EVAR and TEVAR).

My plan, after I finish training, is to set up an interventional radiology practice in one of the main Palestinian hospitals. Through this I can reduce the suffering of my patients. Before they would’ve had to either get a more invasive procedure, like an amputation, or travel outside Palestine to get the required interventional radiology procedure.”

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