Ansam – undergraduate scholarship at An Najah

Ansam volunteering at the Dome of the Rock

Ansam, a 4th year medical student at An Najah University, was accepted for a full undergraduate scholarship through our partnership with the Madrinha Trust last year. Read about her experience:

“I can’t believe I just finished my third year as a medical student! It’s a feeling of happiness mixed with enthusiasm for what’s coming!

Now let me tell you a little about what I experienced in those 3 years. These years have never been easy. They were full of fatigue and staying up at night to study, full of double effort, extracurricular and voluntary work.

Three years ago, i was not like the current who I am! Much has changed. For the better as I see. I became responsible for myself and my decisions. My dreams grew and my abilities exceeded everyone’s expectations, including me, and my hopes exceeded the horizon!!!

I am now very proud of myself that I have taken the highest marks in these years and have been able to sustain my progress.

One of the most important things that happened was that I became a mentee of the Madrinha Trust. Yes, it was really a big turning point in my whole life. To be honest, I have no words to describe how I feel toward Madrinha. Madrinha’s mentees are so nice. We share each other good news and great achievements.

Of course, I must not forget to mention my wonderful mentor – Ayman – who always offers to help me.

Ansam volunteering

At the end of my 3rd year in college, I volunteered in the emergency department of a government hospital here in Nablus to get used to the nature of working in the fourth year, the first clinical year. It was a very joyful time I learned a lot such as nursing skills. Despite that pleasure, it was a bit tiring because I was working 6-7 hours without a break. But it was all easy when you see the smile of a young child after treating him or seeing an old man praying for God to reward me with good.

I am now starting my 4th year, it was said that it’s the hardest year of the six years of medicine, but I am very excited about it. Because brave people don’t stop hearing whispers of fear. They hear the whispers but take action anyway!”

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