Ayman – Madrinha Trust mentee and now mentor

Ayman and his mentor Nick
Ayman and his mentor Nick

Read a letter from Ayman about his experience going from being a mentor and sponsored by the Madrinha Trust to being a mentor to Ansam, a Palestinian medical student at An Najah University:

“It’s always challenging for me when it comes to write or describe what Madrinha has done since many years. 


I clearly remember the first moment I have been accepted as a mentee at Madrinha Trust in 2013. All days, without exception, were superb and astonishing. I enjoyed every single moment with Madrinha. My life has completely changed for the better after joining Madrinha and used all my abilities to succeed and improve myself at all aspects especially in studying the field I really like, Human Medicine. What proves this is the wondering I touched from the surrounding when they started saying: “What happened to Ayman”? “He became another person; especially when he came back from Wales in 2014”. Year after year I have started to recognise myself very well and take the lead and responsibility in doing my activities.

Two memories that it would be impossible to forget. The first one was in 2014 when I got an opportunity for elective training in Cardiff, Wales. The other one was in 2016 when I did a training at Oxford University Hospitals especially in the field I would really like to join soon; neurosurgery. These chances were just amazing, I have made great friends, acquired the brilliant knowledge, and also have touched the U.K. system and culture closely. 

In 2017, I got another chance of travelling to USA for clinical training at Harvard Medical School for two months. It was also a big addition to my life experience and got in touch with many kind people there who were always welcoming me and trying to support as much as possible. 

I finally successfully graduated as a medical doctor from Al-Quds Medical School-Jerusalem in 2017 after 6 years full of work and loss of sleep. However, they were full of memories and I think Madrinha made the years pass smoothly with no obstacles. 

Currently, I am working as a Teaching Assistant of Advanced Neurology for Master students at Al-Quds Medical School and also a Researcher of Neuroscience at the Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative which is also located at Al-Quds University. 

As a future plan, I have presented some documents to one of the reputed hospitals in Tel Aviv, Israel to do a neurosurgery specialty. I have received an initial approval from the chief of the department but I still await the final approval by the Israeli Ministry of Health. I will definitely keep you posted for any progress in this regard. 

I know I talk too much but I have many stories and things in my mind. Let me finish by writing about two main issues. At first, I am so proud of being a mentor after I spent a considerable period of time as a mentee (Although I am still a mentee for the great mentors and supervisions at Madrinha). At this moment I remember my late, wonderful and great mentor Dr. Nick Dudley who supported me a lot before he left us. Selma Harb came after that and also was so kind in helping me. The same applies to Dr. Khaled Dawas who is doing his best to support me. 

Now, I am the mentor for an amazing mentee; Ansam, who is smart and responsible for her studies and has been achieving top results in the last few years. I am quite sure she will repeat her success once again in the following years. 

Finally, I would like to send my warmest regards to Jania and Mike who have established this wonderful organization and I would like to do something similar in Palestine in the future. Further, my warmest regards to you, Rita, for your ongoing support and help. I look forward to meeting you all real soon. 

Together we can establish and develop innovative minds. 

Thank you. 


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