Majd – Madrinha mentor for undergraduate scholarship


Majd, a 2nd year anaesthesia resident, was sponsored by the Madrinha Trust when she was a medical student at Al Quds University. She is now a Madrinha mentor to Jamal, a medical student at IUG, who is part of the undergraduate scholarship programme. Read about her experience:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”

Mahattma Ghandi

“When I started medical school, I was told “time flies”. I really never knew the meaning of that till today.

Three years after graduation, here I am a 2nd year anaesthesia resident working in a really big hospital – a dream came true.

The reason I am willing to endure all the pressure, stress, sacrifices and long hours is because I love what I do. Even if it is not the easiest path, choose what you love the most.

Behind my success story comes the motivation and support I got from my family and Madrhina. A long journey together, from being a medical student and a mentee, through internship and now residency and being a mentor, which I really like.

I’ve always liked giving advice and helping others and with mentoring Jamal this has given me the opportunity to achieve it. We not only talk about medicine, we also share stories of our families, friends and hobbies.

My father is fighting lung cancer now, Jamal helped a lot with his sweet words and prayers. I feel we are more than a mentor-mentee relationship, but brother and sister.

Madrhina family has done it all; introducing people from all over the world to each other, being exposed to different cultures and societies, helping students becoming what they want and giving all the support they need. I am happy and always grateful for what they did and still doing.

Thank you.”

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