Osama – FQMS bursary

At the beginning of lockdown, we kindly asked our donors to help us support more students in Gaza through our bursary programme. Here is the story of one of the students which we were able to support as a result of your donations. Read about Osama and his experience receiving a FQMS bursary. He is a student at IUG.

Osama in surgery training

“At the beginning, I want to express about my grateful for you for your support me and my colleague students and stand beside us in our crisis and don’t allow for financial impediment to prevent us from achieving our goals and dreams.

In fact I have a problem in matriculate for 2019/2020 season in the university in addition to the debit on me for the university and other persons. So I was in urgent need for financial support and by assistance of Allah and your scholarship I can pass this crisis. So really thank you very very much!

I will make my all effort to fulfil my dream, I have faced a lot of obstacles in my way that I could overcome, but the financial situation still poses a major obstacle but your scholarship gave me great hope and determination. It appeared to me as a sparkle in the darkness determination.

This scholarship means so much to me that it open up horizons for me to develop my relationships, talents, hobbies, and focus on my studies. Without it, the dreams that I’ve planned for and hoped to achieve will probably be shattered.”

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