FQMS Webinars 2021

2020 was an extraordinary year and this has continued into 2021. In a normal year, we would be telling you about the plans for our gala dinner. We have adapted to circumstances and this year we have arranged a trio of fundraising webinars. We hope you’ll join us.

Each webinar highlights a particular medical school and will include a question and answer section at the end.

Here are the dates for the series:

We hope to raise £75,000 through donations. Please donate now if you can. The level of poverty across all of Palestine has become more critical and every day counts.

Tickets: £40 donation for one event OR £100 donation for all three. Your donation can be increased by 25% if you claim Gift Aid.

Auction / Sale

To help our fundraising efforts, we are currently selling a small range of items, including limited edition signed prints of the Dome of the Rock. Click here for more information.

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