Gaza update: Dr Saleh Eleiwa & Dr Bakr Abo Jared – 18th May 2021

FQMS financially supports Dr Saleh Eleiwa and Dr Bakr Abo Jarad. They work as teaching fellows in Gaza.

They qualified as doctors in 2020 and now teach medical students as apart of their duties.

Here they share their personal experience and photos from the last few days:

Images: Gaza at night and the street Bakr and Saleh travel through everyday to reach the hospital. It was bombed yesterday, 2 were killed scores were injured.

Dr Saleh Eleiwa

“On Sunday, our neighbour’s home was destroyed by Israeli airstrikes. I’ve been in the hospital, volunteering in Emergency department to help as much as I can. My family and I are all okay for now. No one has been injured. But some of our beloved teaching colleagues and neighbours have not survived.

What’s happening is really a catastrophe. Literally, everyone everywhere is threatened. The nights are the worst. After dark the electricity is cut off and the bombing gets crazy. The airstrikes hit all parts of the Gaza strip.

We all are exhausted. We try to get some sleep, to take a break from what’s going on, but we can’t as everyone is targeted by the brutality of these attacks. From the large number of Israeli airstrikes, there can not be anything left to bomb.

We thank God every second we are still alive and pray for protection for our families and loved ones. I don’t remember crying that much as I cried when we heard that our doctor, the Head of Internal Medicine at Al Shifa Hospital, Dr Ayman Abu Alowf, was pulled out from under the rubble of his destroyed house. Killed whilst asleep with his family.

Thank you for your support and care. We hope that the truth will reach everyone about what really happening in Gaza and Palestine.

Dr Bakr Abo Jared

“Last week, Israel started its military campaign against us in Gaza, everything just stopped. So far, this war has left dozens dead and hundreds injured, including many students and trainers in our school. Over the weekend we lost Dr Ayman Abu Alowf, a physician and one of our IUG teaching staff, after an Israel attack on his home. 

Many of our students have lost their homes because of direct or indirect targeting. They now live in public school grounds. 

Successive attacks by Israeli aircraft have led to severe damage to most educational institutions, including the medical school building. We are all very worried, sleepless and looking to the heavens, wondering which house will be next.”

We pray for the safety of all our friends in Gaza.