Gaza update: Earthquakes in Gaza – a student’s story – 23rd May 2021

To the relief of the whole world, a ceasefire was declared in Gaza a few days ago. For those who live in the Gaza Strip those 11 days were a nightmare of death and destruction.

Gaza destruction

Shahad Al Shaer is a medical student at Al Azhar Medical School in Gaza City. She won a scholarship through a programme we run with the Madrinha Trust. Shahad wrote to us about the horrors of a night under the shelling in her home town of Rafah, on the southern edge of the Gaza Strip.

“When night comes we all gather in one room which we think is the safest inside the house. Hours pass as if years and our greatest wish is that the morning light shines, announcing the start of a new day.

With every explosion you feel as if the missile is pummelling your home. I resort to the safety of the embrace of my mother and father, praying to God so that calm my fears.

When the missile lands near my house, my feet tremble and pain is inside my heart. Have I lost a friend or relative?

Entire families have been destroyed and their names have been wiped from the civil registry. This includes many children, women and elderly people, and even Dr Ayman Abu Alowf with his family. He trained us inside Al-Shifa Hospital. He was one of the most qualified trainers in Gaza for his great scientific experience. His loss has been a great sadness to us all, his students.”

The FQMS family is thankful for the safety of Shahad, her family and all our students and friends in Gaza.