Update from Al Makassed Hospital, Jerusalem – 11th May 2021


Over the last few days the news coming out of Jerusalem and Gaza have been deeply troubling.

FQMS organised and funded the training of surgeons like Dr Bashar Jaber. Dr Jaber works on the frontline treating victims and patients at Al Makassed Hospital in Jerusalem.

Dr Jaber and his colleague, Dr Haitham Alhassan, Head of Surgery at Al Makassed Hospital, have sent us this update this morning:

During the last few days, in the holy month of Ramadan, there has been a serious escalation of violence against Palestinians worshipping at Al Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem. 

Visitors to Al Aqsa Mosque have been attacked by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers with tear gas, sticks, rubber bullets, which are basically metal bullets covered with a thin layer of rubber, and bullets.

Hospitals of the occupied east Jerusalem were overwhelmed. The number of casualties on Monday morning were more than 300, reaching the hospitals in ambulances and private cars.

Al Makassed Hospital has received a total of 151 victims before midday. Many were admitted to the hospital. 6 patients underwent emergency operations by our surgeons from different specialities, two patients had direct trauma to the eye and lost their eyes.

Eye surgeons and maxillofacial surgeons were called in from other hospitals to help treat the wounded.

Today the victims continue to pile up with 220 arriving this morning at Al Makassed, 44 were admitted, 11 patients had operations, 3 maxillofacial operations, 2 laparotomies and splenectomies, 2 craniotomies for intracranial haemorrhage, one is in very critical condition, 2 patients had orthopaedic operation with vascular input due to complex injuries, 2 patients had scrotal explorations, one had a testicle removed. Few patients will have operations today to fix fractures of the face.

Al Makassed Hospital has declared this an emergency and is diverting all its resources to help the victims of current Israeli escalation.

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