Want to learn more about the people we support? Webinar June 2021

Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in our webinar on 26th June.

Speakers included students and doctors we support on their journey to specialism. They talked about their experience living, studying and working in Palestine.

Summary clip of the event

More information on our speakers:

Dr Najib Salameh

Najib Salameh

In partnership with Juzoor, we supported Najib during his laparoscopic gynaecological surgery training at University College Hospital London. He has been back in Palestine for the last two years. He’s been working as a consultant OBGYN at Beit Jala Government Hospital (referral centre for the district of Bethlehem), as well as teaching Al Quds University medical students.

Dr Khubaib Ayoub

Khubaib Ayoub

In partnership with Juzoor, we are supporting Khubaib as a Clinical Fellow in Diabetes in Endocrinology at King’s College Hospital, London. He has the Palestinian and Arab Boards in Internal Medicine. He was a Internist and part time Lecturer at An-Najah National University.

Dr Saleh Eleiwa

Saleh Eleiwa

Saleh graduated from Islamic University of Gaza Medical School. As a top graduate he was offered a teaching position there, which is FQMS funded.  

We were also joined by 2 medical students Alaa Sharawneh (Al Quds University, Jerusalem) and Angham Marea (An Najah University, Nablus)

Here’s the full recording of the June webinar:

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