Bakr – Teaching Fellow

In 2020, Bakr graduated one of the top students in his class at the Islamic University of Gaza. As a result he was selected as one of the first candidates for an FQMS funded teaching fellowship at his university.

Here is how he got on:

“At the end of the last year, I became teaching assistant at medical school in the IUG. This job helped me so much in the different ways.

For example, I dealt with departments in the different hospital, which let me to discover how all of these hospitals worked and allowed me to build a lot of relationships with physicians in different specialities.

My focus was on helping with the teaching of paediatrics, family medicine, public health, forensics and dermatology. I got to know the students and saw how they developed throughout these courses.

Being a teaching fellow during 2020-21 was particularly difficult, as we had to cope with terrible sequence of the covid-19 and the closure of hospitals and university. But it meant that we started an e-learning programme to cope with this situation. We were the first university to use it in Palestine. We had faced many problems implementing it during this year, but towards the end we have finally succeeded in applying it.

Thank you so much to FQMS and their supporters for making this happen.”

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