Saleh – Teaching Fellow

In 2020, Saleh graduated one of the top students in his class at the Islamic University of Gaza. As a result he was selected as one of the first candidates for an FQMS funded teaching fellowship at his university.

Here is how he got on:

“I am writing this at the end of this chapter of my life, with all my gratitude to the FQMS that gave me this opportunity to fulfil my abilities in development of the medical education and clinical skills in which allow me to upgrade my skills and knowledge as well.

I really had an amazing experience for being a teaching assistant in the last previous 12 months period. Experiences, relationships, friendships, and improvement in both communication skills and personality aspects have all changed my life to the better. It was really a year to remember!

I can’t tell how much this year meant to me, at the personal level, this scholarship has been a turning point in my personality as I became a decision-maker and more responsible than before. In addition to acquiring many great relationships with academics, colleagues and medical students.

Nothing can describe how considerably Team working with my colleagues achieved the expected results of our job as teaching assistants, and even how can dealing with students in a way that encourage and support them make the education process easier and healthier.

At the financial level, this teaching fellowship allow me to save an amount of money that in turn would help me complete my medical specialty.

I hope that such as these programmes will always be continued to help the new graduate youth in starting their career and profession as well as to make their dreams come true. As it did with me.

On behalf of all your fellows, thank you for giving us this great opportunity. We can’t be more grateful.”

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