Adam Wolton Obituary

It is with profound sadness that FQMS mourns the passing of Adam Wolton. Adam volunteered as our secretary between early 2011 and autumn 2014. FQMS, Palestinian students and doctors owe him a huge debt of gratitude.

When in 2010, David Wolton, long-serving FQMS secretary, and later chair, suggested to the trustees of FQMS and to his brother Adam that he take up the role of FQMS secretary, Adam agreed, perhaps not anticipating how involved he was to become. FQMS was at crossroads with a new chair and very much in need of his support. There followed four years of dedicated voluntary work in which he served FQMS at many levels. He played a crucial role in all aspects of the work of the charity, including responding to numerous approaches from deans, students, doctors and supporters, to transferring funds, liaising with the medical schools in Palestine and institutions in the UK and even generously putting visiting students and doctors up himself. His contribution was invaluable and greatly appreciated by all, as was his friendship. Adam also found himself co-organising various functions including an art exhibition and the annual dinner four times. The complex logistics of the first event, with a tight time frame, came as a shock to him, but he pulled it together and the evening was a great success, as indeed were the others that followed.

Adam had a most generous soul. He was calm, kind, warm, gentle and supportive without a selfish bone in his body, always putting others ahead of himself. He was a skilled cabinet maker, highly intelligent, very knowledgeable and an avid reader who enjoyed debate. Adam possessed a quiet sense of humour and an independence of spirit and thought. For some time, as a young adult, he kept to himself but then came out of his shell taking up various activities with enthusiasm. He returned to singing, having been a choir boy at school. In that, he found great enjoyment. Through his singing group, and much to the delight of his family and friends, he met his wife Emma. They moved to Norfolk near Emma’s family in 2015. Adam, still cycling everywhere, worked on his allotment and lovingly helped raise their two beautiful children. He also carefully planned to build an eco-friendly permanent family home, a dream for many years, which sadly remained unfulfilled.

To the great dismay of those who loved him, Adam was diagnosed with multiple ‏myeloma in 2017. Though he went into remission after intensive treatment, he became ill again earlier this year with what turned out to be amyloid, a complication of the condition. Even during his final illness, Adam played down his relentless symptoms and did not wish to impose on others. He showed courage, calmness and clarity in his last few days, a comfort to his family. He passed away overnight in the early hours of November 26th, 2021, less than a month before his 57th birthday.

In these hard times of the pandemic, when many have said goodbye to loved ones, Adam’s loss brings much sadness, not least to his wife and young family, his brother David, and sisters, River, Sarah and Deborah. Adam’s life was cut short, a life measured not in years but in its kindness and generosity. He will be very much missed.

The trustees of FQMS extend their deepest sympathies to Adam’s family.

Adam, on behalf of FQMS trustees and supporters and all the Palestinian medical students and doctors you have helped, thank you. You embraced our cause and made it your own. In you, we have lost an exceptional friend.