Bus programme 2021-2022

Here are some testimonials from students on how they feel about this programme:

“I’m writing this to witness the incredible services provided by the FQMS bus support to IUG medical students. I am sure without the FQMS bus many students will not be able to reach our main training hospital in the south of the Gaza Strip. This is mainly because of financial problems. Without the FQMS bus most of us will take 3 transport vehicles to reach the hospital which will be unaffordable, costly, and most likely will not reach in time. Fortunately, we have this method of transportation that is convenient and always arrives on time. We are grateful to the FQMS for supporting and providing the necessary funds for the bus. We also appreciate Dr Anwar’s and the teaching assistant’s effort in organising the bus work. We hope this facility will remain available in the next years.” Israa – 4th-year students’ representative

“Thanks for FQMS’s efforts. As you know, we travel to Khan Younis every day to attend medical training sessions at the European Gaza Hospital. The trip is an hour-drive from where we live, and we usually take the FQMS bus to the medicine faculty to reach our destination. We are really thankful for this transportation method as it helps us reach our destination quickly without having to endure the hardship of finding taxis to take us to our destination as it is quite hard especially in far-away areas like the hospital’s location, which will be unaffordable especially in Gaza because of financial difficulties. It also helps to avoid waiting for transportations in the rain and late arrivals, which can be troublesome during the winter. Finally, we are grateful to FQMS for the bus presence as it is a blessing.” Loay, representative of medical students