Audio visual equipment – IUG – 2022

In 2022, FQMS provided financial assistance to IUG to buy equipment necessary for teaching medical students. This came as the number of students increased to around 1000. This made it necessary to provide more lecture rooms both on campus and in hospitals. In addition, many old equipment, such as laptops and LCD projectors, became increasingly obsolete, requiring frequent maintenance. FQMS financial assistance enabled the necessary equipment to be purchased and put to use to prevent problems that could adversely affect teaching quality. This included the purchase of: 5 LCD smart screens 65 ̋, 1 LCD smart screen 75 ̋, 9 Laptops, 2 LCD projectors.


“I am a clinical teaching assistant at IUG, Gaza-Palestine. I just received a laptop from FQMS, which was graciously provided to aid me in my job. This contribution was evidently beneficial. I use it to make presentations, upload lectures for students, and handle files such as exams and scores for students. In the lecture hall, there are new screens with smart characteristics and dimensions. These screens enable me to offer educational videos to students directly via internet connection with clear picture and audio. This is rather than using the traditional and old LCD projector. Thank you so much for your wonderful support.” Saed Owda, Clinical Teaching Assistant

“I have worked as a teaching fellow at the Faculty of Medicine since December 2021. I am grateful to the FQMS for this wonderful opportunity as my knowledge, critical thinking, and personality skills have evolved. My experience at the IUG taught me that I could be a leader who demonstrates his passion for helping his community by taking action on that passion. My duties involved coordinating courses, bedside teaching, leading case discussions with my students, and assisting my professors with research. I also want to thank you for equipping our lecture rooms with the necessary equipment. This made our work easier. Thank you!” Ahmed Elhissi, Teaching Assistant