Annual project – 2022 – Doaa

Madrinha-trust mentee for undergraduate scholarship

Annual Project Report – 2022

“I am Doaa, a 4th year medical student at Islamic University of Gaza from Palestine. My project was about infection control and healthy nutrition.

I worked on it with a group of Madrinha students. We were five students. I chose this title for our project as wisdom says “prevention is better than cure”. We believe that children are the most important age group we should focus on raising awareness of their self-hygiene and their environment and should have a healthy diet to grow well, so we targeted different ages of children.

My group and I carried out the project on Sunday, 15 May 2022, in a kindergarten for children of age 4 and 5 years old . I applied the lecture through multiple visual activities and effective exercises that focused on educating them and enabling them acquire skills for life. We introduced the fundamental concepts of infection control through applying with each other different daily life skills like brushing teeth and washing hands. We distributed multiple gifts related to personal hygiene and I wrote on them an encouraging phrases that motivate them to take care of themselves and their environment. In addition to focusing on methods of balanced food and identify the sources of healthy nutrition. It was an amazing experience to deal with children and We, and the children enjoyed a lot and achieved the desired health awareness.

We expanded the idea to become a campaign with Palestinian medical forum in our university, and many qualified students participated in, so we succeeded in reaching a large class of society”.