Annual project report – 2022 – Alaa

Madrinha-trust mentee for undergraduate scholarship

Time: 6th of May, 2022

Place: Al-Quds University

“PMSA Jerusalem Heart medical day is an initiative done by the IFMSA on May the 6th in the heart of Al-Quds University. The initiative included many stations that focused on different health topics. Each station is intended to familiarise the audience with health issues and raise awareness of important information needed for everyone’s wellness. We had four main stations: nursing, physiotherapy, dentistry, and medicine. The medicine station covered various topics such as diabetes, blood pressure, blood group types, blood donations… and many more. I was responsible for the blood donations station, which collected blood to send to Ramallah hospital. We collected 50 units of blood, as well we introduced the importance of blood donations and the receiver and donor qualifications. The experience equipped me with more experience in working under pressure, events management, and other soft skills. A thing that I would enhance in future events is to plan the initiative for more days to target more audiences so that blood donations would be an available option all the time. Overall, the experience was very satisfying and valuable for me”.