Annual project – 2022- Ansam

“On the 30th of May 2022, Razan, two of our friends, and I, have done a hypertension screening day in Nablus downtown. 

‏We had measured the blood pressure of many nice people of different ages and we made them aware of the risk factors, complications, as well as the relationship between HTN and many diseases. Some of them had normal blood pressure, others had elevated levels, so we advised them to visit primary health care centers for further.

Some of them were suffering from high blood pressure, but the diagnosis of HTN was not established by a doctor, so we advised them to follow up with their doctor and not neglect this sign. Others were already diagnosed with HTN, but they were not compliant with their medications or the diet allocated to them, so we advised them to adhere to medications, maintain a low-sodium diet, physical exercise, and reduce weight.

The activity was very wonderful. We helped a large number of people and answered their questions, we gave them some advice and corrected some of the misconceptions they had. At the same time, we gained good experience.

During the activity, we saw all the love and kindness in the eyes of the townspeople”.