Annual project – 2022 – Razan

“Hypertension screening for the general population in Nablus City, Palestine”.

This is the title of the project that I and my three colleagues applicated on people, in the streets of Nablus City_Palestine, on May 30th 2022.

We went out to a popular area in Nablus, and introduced ourselves to the people there. We explained to them that we are willing to check their blood pressure as a check up.

We measured blood pressure of many people of different ages and of the both genders, some of them had a normal blood pressure, some others had an elevated levels, so we adviced them to visit primary health care centers for further evaluation.

In addition, we measured it for people previously diagnosed with hypertension, as an evaluation of their adherence and compliance with their medications.

We also asked those people about other issues, including having diabetes, their weight, their lipid status if known, smoking, and of course about their age.

In order to assess the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, and advice them depending on it.

After all, we thanked them, and they were grateful for this free check up, and wished us all success in our lives.”