Omar’s bursary – 2022

“Peace be upon you. I am a student at the Faculty of Medicine at the Islamic University. Despite my studies at the Faculty of Medicine, I suffer from some difficult financial problems that affect my ability to complete university. This is because I lost my father and mother since I was young. In the current semester, because of these circumstances, I could not register for this class because I did not have the fees for it. Because I knew I couldn’t pay the fees for this class, this negatively affected my psyche, academic achievement, and ability to study. I couldn’t study well because I lost hope of enrolling in this class. But thanks to the FQMS, which supported me and a group of students and gave us bursaries. Thanks to this help, I could enroll in this semester and complete my studies. This also helped me improve my psyche, improve my ability to study, and restore my passion to continue the path to a doctor. That’s why I thank FQMS very much for this help. I thank it for giving us hope to complete our path and achieve our goals, especially since medicine is a difficult and tiring road. How beautiful it is to find people on this road who feel and help you. Thanks to your help, I joined my colleagues and enroll in this class. Omar.