Students bursaries 2021 & 2022

The bursaries are for talented students from the medical schools. They have high academic scores across the board and are also in extreme financial need. The funds are channelled to students in the middle of their studies to help with tuition. In 2022, 64 students received $700-$900 each. The students were from the Islamic University of Gaza, An-Najah University and Al-Quds University.


“Hello, I am a third year medical student in the Faculty of medicine and health science at An-Najah National University, one of the lucky students who got the FQMS scholarship. As a medical student struggling to pay university fees, I am grateful to FQMS for offering to help me and many others in need of it. The scholarship for this semester really reduced the burden of the fee. It helped me in almost 4 hours of my 19 hours of this semester. I really appreciate their work and time trying to help us. Thank you FQMS” Ghaida’

“At first, I would like to thank Al Quds Foundation for Medical Schools in Palestine (FQMS) for choosing me among the students benefiting from the scholarship and thank them for their efforts in supporting the students to complete their educational path, as it has always been a pioneering institution and initiative in this field. The medical career is a great career and has significant importance for society. In our society in the Gaza Strip, it has become necessary to have a doctor, nurse or paramedic in every home. Therefore, I aspire to be a successful doctor, diligent in my work, and provide assistance to everyone who needs it. I will do my best to benefit my community and Palestine. As medical students, despite all the difficulties we face, we always strive in our studies to achieve our ambitions and graduate from the Faculty of Medicine. We then join the specialties that suit us to become distinguished doctors who do our work to the fullest and leave an imprint on our society. But as we know, and in light of the difficult situation and conditions in the Gaza Strip, it has become difficult for parents to provide university fees for their sons to complete their academic path and achieve their future aspirations. Therefore, I repeat my thanks to Al Quds Foundation for Medical Schools in Palestine (FQMS) for this scholarship, which I will pay as registration fees for my next semester at the Faculty of Medicine at The Islamic University of Gaza. With all gratitude and appreciation.” Rozan

“I am a medical student at Al-Quds University. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for giving me this chance to keep going toward my dreams. Without your help we may have ended without university. This help comes at the right time when many of us are struggling through a difficult time or circumstances. This makes it hard for us to pay our semester costs. Your step is a remarkable step which gives us motivation to continue and never give up. We promise that you will always be proud of helping students and never regret this step.” Majd