Ahmed Elhissi – Teaching Fellow

Ahmed graduated as one of the top students in his class at the Islamic University of Gaza. As a result he was selected for a FQMS funded teaching fellowship at his university.


“During the 2021/2022 academic year, I was delighted to work as a clinical teaching fellow at the Faculty of Medicine, Islamic University of Gaza.

Aside from coordinating Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Dermatology courses, my work involved preparing reports on students’ achievements, giving bedside teaching and leading case discussions with medical students. Also, my interest in medical research drove me to work in medical research at the university. My responsibilities involved assisting in collecting and processing research data and preparing well-structured research proposals. Through this experience, I developed oral and written communication skills, project management skills, and
quantitative analytical skills.

On a personal level, this experience helped me to build networking channels with consultants and decision- makers inside the healthcare system in Gaza. It helped me plan for my career as I found my passion in medicine this year. In addition, I enjoyed the company of my students, and I learned that teaching others is the best way of learning.

Through my role as a clinical tutor for medical students, I gained an appreciation of the supportive role that doctors and healthcare professionals must play, including being involved in the training of junior colleagues. I am grateful to the FQMS for supporting me this year, and I hope this programme will continue, so my younger colleagues can have this fascinating experience”.

Ahmed Elhissi