Dr Feras Qawasmi – 2022

Postgraduate training programme

Specialty: Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery

“August 1st was my last day in my NY fellowship at Montefiore Medical Center/ Albert Einstein College of Medicine, where I stayed for an entire year. 

I have finished two years of shoulder and upper extremity fellowship. During these two years, I have achieved a lot of goals on the personal level and professional levels. I will share some of these with you:

  • I have worked with 12 shoulder and upper extremity surgeons ( from Reading Shoulder Unit, Wisconsin Medical College, and Montefiore hospital. This allows me to expose to various approaches and ways of thinking which will be helpful from diagnosis to surgical treatment.
  • I have participated in a total of 1161 operations ( Shoulder and Upper extremity), as attached in the logbook. 
  • I participated in 11 in-person Shoulder and elbow courses last year—two from the Mayo Clinic. from essential to master courses. I have been granted in one of these courses the Best participated Fellow. I got an offer from the Mayo Clinic to be the scientist visitor of the year. Next Sept. I have got two covered courses in San Fransisco. 
  • I have published five peer-reviewed publications, and I am working on seven more. I applied for one research grant for a future project with Wisconsin Medical College. 
  • Established good relationships with my mentors all over the places. 
  • Accepted as a member of American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES).
  • I am confident I can give my patients the most updated knowledge and treatment. 

I got good offers to work in the USA, But I am not interested in working outside of Palestine. In the last six months, I have tried to find a Job in Palestine by contacting various hospitals, but unfortunately, I did not find any so far. I backed to Palestine 3 days ago. And I am working to establish my practice and find a job that suits my future goals. Meanwhile, I am also working to reestablish my personal life. 

I want to thank everyone; you were supportive and helpful; without you (Juzoor and FQMS), I won’t be able to achieve what I have already achieved. There are no words to express your incredible work. I am really Impressed.”, 

Feras Qawasmi