Abdallah & Khaled – Teaching Fellows

Abdallah Alwali  and Khaled Alsultan graduated with honours from the Faculty of Medicine at IUG. Therefore, in 2022, they were selected for the FQMS funded teaching and research fellowship at their university.

Here are some testimonials and updates from our Teaching Fellows:

“As a Clinical Teaching Fellow at the Islamic University of Gaza, I was privileged to engage in the educational process and gain valuable insights into my own character. This experience afforded me the opportunity to deepen my understanding of medicine and appreciate the crucial role of teaching fellows in shaping the future of medical students. Furthermore, I honed my skills in leadership, teamwork, and effective communication. My responsibilities included the organisation and facilitation of informative and accessible teaching sessions, participating in clinical bedside evaluations and helping students develop their clinical competencies and knowledge. I was also honoured to serve as a chief Teaching assistant alongside the Oxford team and assist in the execution of their teaching mission in Gaza, which proved to be a valuable learning experience. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to FQMS for their unwavering support throughout my journey as a Teaching Fellow. This experience will remain a defining moment in my life.” Abdallah

“As a Clinical Teaching Fellow at the Islamic University of Gaza, I was fortunate to actively engage in the educational process and gain a multifaceted understanding of the medical field. This enriching experience allowed me to broaden my horizons, challenge my preconceptions, and embrace new perspectives. In addition to developing my teaching skills, I also had the opportunity to learn about the latest advances in medical technology and research. This exposure to cutting-edge developments in the field of medicine has fuelled my curiosity and inspired me to pursue lifelong learning. Moreover, my experience as a Teaching Fellow has reinforced my belief in the importance of mentorship and the positive impact that role models can have on the lives of students. I am committed to instilling in my students the values of compassion, empathy, and integrity, and to nurturing their intellectual curiosity and passion for learning. I am deeply grateful to FQMS for their unwavering support and commitment to excellence. As I continue on my professional journey, I am confident that the skills and knowledge I have gained as a Teaching Fellow will serve me well, and that I will continue to make meaningful contributions to the field of medicine.” Khaled