Dr Wafa Aqel – Morocco – 2022

Conference support

Dr Wafa Aqel is Founding Director, Al-Quds Medical Research Association and Researcher, Palestinian Neuroscience Initiative 


“Thanks, generosity of FQMS for the financial support to attend the 12th annual meeting of the Middle-Eastern Association for Cancer Research MEACR/Qatar, in collaboration with Société Marocaine de Cancérologie/Morocco.

The MEACR was established as a nonprofit organisation in 2009 and aims to enhance the exchange between clinicians, cancer scientists, graduate students and other health workers who deal with cancer patients in the larger Middle East (ME) including North Africa. Thus, in order to achieve this mission, the MEACR holds an annual meeting in a different ME country each year, to provide equal opportunity for all cancer researchers across the region and help them build a collaborative base with various educational and research institutions.

As a Palestinian Medical Doctor and Researcher, I was grateful to attend the conference and to be one of the speakers, where I presented an oral presentation entitled: Awareness of Palestinians about lung cancer symptoms: Current Situation and Future Directions in discussions with a large group of researchers and scientists from all over the world. 

It was a great opportunity and an honour for me to participate in it as the youngest researcher among them.

Finally, I would like to thank you again for your funding, which helped me to participate in this conference.”