Chairman’s report – Spring 2023

Spring is here, and FQMS is preparing for a busy season. We are excited to share with you some news about our programmes, as well as success stories and touching testimonials from our students. Spring is a time of renewal and growth, and we are proud to be part of our students’ journey. The annual FQMS fundraising dinner on Saturday, 4th March 2023 was a resounding success. With the hard work and dedication of the dinner planning committee, particularly Dr Anjum Misbahuddin who led the organisation. 

The Oxford University Surgeons and Physicians went their annual teaching week to Gaza in October 2022. They taught medical students from both universities (Al Azhar and the IUG). Their presence was also a reminder that the students and faculty are not forgotten. 

Our partnership with the Madrinha Trust is a tremendous success. This programme provides full school fee scholarships for medical students each year. These scholarships cover existing debt and future tuition fees and have enabled countless students to pursue their medical studies. Since this programme began, more than 29 students have won scholarships, with 20 now working as doctors. We were delighted to see Razan Mansour, Ansam Sha’ar and Ashraf Awad graduate from An-Najah University in 2022. Alaa Sharawneh is expected to graduate in 2023 from AlQuds University

Five postgraduate trainees returned to Palestine in 2022 after completing their training. They are Dr Mohammad Debas, Dr Feras Qawasmi, Dr Naim Qamhia, Dr Khubaib Ayoub and Dr Nidal Samira. Dr Assef Jawaada is still undertaking his training in Endocrine Surgery at King’s College Hospital in London and is expected to complete it in January 2024. With their expertise and knowledge, these professionals will contribute significantly to the healthcare system in Palestine. Furthermore, the experience they gain abroad will help them to further hone their skills and provide the best care possible to their patients.

We are delighted to welcome two new members to our team: Mr Ziad Dawas, who has joined us as our treasurer, and Mrs Shereen Natherour new operations manager. Both Ziad and Shereen bring with them a wealth of knowledge and expertise in finance and management that will surely be a great asset to our team. We look forward to their contributions and wish them every success in their new roles.