Mohammad’s FQMS bursary – 2023

Medical student at Al-Quds University, Jerusalem


“Thank you for your message regarding the bursary. I appreciate the opportunity this bursary has provided me with to continue my studies. Receiving this bursary has been an enormous relief for me, and it has helped me greatly with my studies. It has provided me with the necessary financial support to pay for my tuition fees. Without this bursary, I would have faced difficulties paying for my tuition fees and may not have been able to continue my studies.

Now that I have received the bursary, I can focus on my studies without financial worries. I will be able to attend all my classes, complete my assignments on time, and participate in all academic activities. Moreover, I will be able to purchase the necessary books, attend academic conferences, and participate in other academic events. This will help me excel in my studies.

The bursary will be spent entirely on my tuition fees. This will ensure that I can complete my studies successfully and achieve my academic goals.

In summary, I am grateful for the bursary I received, and I thank FQMS for providing me with this opportunity. I am looking forward to making the most of this opportunity and academic success.

Best regards.”