Bursaries 2023- Al-Azhar University

The FQMS bursary programme provides monetary awards to students to enable them to continue their studies. The University will identify and submit students to FQMS, who will determine eligibility and funding amounts for those students. Students benefiting from this programme must possess high grades and extracurricular talent, be in extreme financial need, and have begun their studies but not yet reached their first or last year. As a general guideline, FQMS provides an indicative funding amount in the range of US $700- $1,000 per student. In 2023, ten medical students at Al-Azhar University benefited from this programme. Read their testimonials below to learn how the programme positively impacted them and their families.


Testimonial 1:

Testimonial 2.

“I am a fourth-year medical student. My family values education, so we are all currently studying at university. Unfortunately, I am facing financial challenges that hinder my ability to fully fund my education. When my father died, the stress of thinking about the costs of medicine and how I can complete these years was increasing, especially I have 3 siblings who are studying pharmacy, English business and multimedia, and all of their majors need costs that we can’t afford, because the monthly income does not cover these costs and I have worked diligently to maintain a high GPA and actively participate in extracurricular activities. Despite my efforts, my family’s financial situation has significantly changed, making it increasingly difficult for us to afford the rising costs of tuition, books, and other essential expenses but I am confident that fees will not stand as a barrier between me and that goal in the availability of this money and I firmly believe that with the assistance of financial aid, I can overcome these obstacles and continue my education, not only to enhance my personal growth but also to contribute positively to society.”


Testimonial 3.

“I am a fifth-year medical student, the Vice President of the Palestinian Medical Students Association in this term, and a former National Public Health Officer. I believe that the best investment a person can make is himself. That is what makes me believe that my college journey isn’t just a studying process. It’s a major chance for me to become the person I want. I believe that being a doctor requires leadership almost always. Learning how to deal with and manage situations is one of the most important skills I need to practice as a future doctor. Unless my motivation is to become the person I want , this motivation needs assistance to turn it into reality.  For me to be the doctor I want I have to attend a lot of paid National and International events and trainings. This is to gain new skills and information from different opinions and cultures. I have 1 brother and 3 sisters. Two of them are medical students. Having three medical students in the same family makes finances hard due to high university fees. And does not give me or my brother and sister the suitable chance to improve our medical  skills. With this fund I will have the chance to help my family in the next period. Thank you all for your help! ”


Testimonial 4.

“Coming from a family of eleven, including my parents, three brothers, and four sisters, financial struggles were common. However, one of my brothers studies medicine. Despite my parents’ hard work, their income sometimes fell short. Fortunately, receiving this scholarship has been a lifeline for us. It covered a part of my tuition, easing my parents’ burden. Now, I can focus on my studies without financial worries. Moreover, I’ve participated in extracurricular activities, broadening my horizons and networking. This scholarship has transformed my life right now, and I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity it has provided me with.”


Testimonial 5.

“I am writing this testimonial to express my sincere appreciation for being awarded the $1,000 scholarship. This financial support has been a significant help for me, and I am genuinely grateful for the opportunities it has provided for my education. The scholarship will greatly aid in paying my university bills, alleviating the financial burden that comes with pursuing higher education. Coming from a family with limited financial resources, the cost of education has been a challenge. My father is currently unemployed, and my brother is entering his sixth year of education. With five members of my family and a modest income, the financial strain has been considerable. However, this scholarship has provided much-needed relief and allowed me to focus on my academic pursuits without constant financial worries. As I approach my third year of studies and my brother enters his sixth, financial needs have become more critical. Therefore, I am truly grateful for this scholarship. It will undoubtedly help me achieve my educational goals and ease the financial burden on both myself and my family.”


Testimonial 6.

“Receiving this scholarship was a transformative step towards achieving my dreams of becoming a medical professional, despite the challenges my family and I face. Hailing from Gaza, where we’ve suffered the impacts of wars and adversity, my journey in pursuing medicine at Al-Azhar University has been guided by my unyielding desire to heal and make a difference. My family’s financial situation is intricate, with a large family of 14 members and a single source of income. Three of my brothers and I study at university, and financial strain often hinders our educational pursuits. The burden of unaffordable medical school fees threatened to curtail my aspirations, casting a shadow on my enthusiasm for learning and contributing to my community’s well-being. The opportunity your esteemed institution presents through this scholarship has infused renewed hope into my educational journey. This financial support would alleviate the financial burden that has impeded my complete study commitment. With the scholarship’s aid, I could focus wholeheartedly on my education, engaging in rigorous study and practical training without constant concern about financial constraints at least during the upcoming semester. Essentially, this scholarship would empower me to excel academically, make the most of my education, and actively contribute to my community’s betterment. By relieving the financial pressures that have hindered my progress, this scholarship would amplify my capabilities and propel me closer to realising my lifelong dream of becoming a compassionate medical professional. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity.”


Testimonial 7.

“I come from a low-income family with five siblings, and before receiving financial aid, I struggled to afford college costs despite my parents’ hard work. The financial support has allowed me to maintain good grades and stay on track toward completing my degree. Without it, I may have had to take a semester off or drop out entirely. This aid has given me peace of mind and reduced stress levels, allowing me to participate more in extracurricular activities and enjoy a richer college experience. In conclusion, receiving financial aid has made a significant difference in my life and helped me achieve my academic goals.”


Testimonial 8.

“I am a medical student at Al-Azhar University in Gaza. At the outset, I would like to thank the FQMS for the valuable help it provided me. The exorbitant costs of medical school fees in the Gaza Strip prevent many students from continuing their education or even knowing their exam grades and this is what I was suffering from the previous academic year. So, I am very grateful to the FQMS family, through which I will be able to pay the remaining university fees, which will relieve a lot of financial pressure on my family. My family is a middle-income family of eight members, they have always provided me with constant support, and I think this is a wonderful opportunity to return the favour to the strong and always supportive family through you. Since my beginning in the Faculty of Medicine, I have been involved in internal and external voluntary work, and it is fortunate for me that FQMS takes care of this aspect, which, in my opinion, is more important than the academic average because it has a huge impact on the student’s personality. Finally, I would like to thank you again for all you do for us.”


Testimonial 9.

” I need this fund very much to help me complete my university studies so that tuition fees don’t become an obstacle. My mother was the only breadwinner for the family before she passed away 1 year ago and now we take a monthly pension of about 1600 ILS. My father is a heart patient so he can’t help with the rest of our expenses and my university fees. And I have a sister who suffers from brain atrophy and chronic epilepsy so she needs special care. We are 6 members of the family and we live temporarily in a simple, family-owned house owned by several heirs, not ours. We moved into it two years ago after living in a rental house. However, we could not stay in it because of bad conditions in the last period, because of my mother’s salary cut two years before she passed. The money will help me complete my education and remove part of my burden. So I’d like to thank you for giving me this scholarship and helping me. I hope you continue to support students in need. Millions of thanks to you.”


Testimonial 10.

“Without this scholarship, I would have been deprived of my right to education, and my future prospects would have been bleak. The scholarship has not only provided financial support but also served as a source of motivation. It has reinforced my commitment to excel in my studies and contribute positively to society. With financial constraints lifted, I can now fully dedicate myself to my studies and work towards achieving my academic goals. Your foundation’s kindness and belief in my potential have truly profoundly affected my life. I promise to make the most of this opportunity to contribute meaningfully to my community and medicine. Once again, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Al Quds Foundation for Medical Schools in Palestine for granting me this scholarship. Your unwavering support has been a beacon of hope on my journey towards a brighter and more promising future. With the utmost appreciation and respect.”