2022/23 – Abdallah – IUG

Abdallah Alwali has been selected for the FQMS Teaching Fellowship programme for the academic year 2022-2023. After completing almost a year as a teaching assistant at the IUG, he was accepted into the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) residency programme in Qatar. This programme provides an excellent training opportunity for fresh medical graduates to obtain a speciality degree in Internal Medicine followed by a fellowship in Allergy and Immunology. Check out his testimonial and photos.


“At the end of my work as a Teaching Fellow at the IUG – Faculty of Medicine, I am writing this message filled with bittersweet emotions. Today marks the end of my journey here. I want to express my deepest gratitude for the opportunities and support FQMS has provided me throughout my tenure. As I embark on the next chapter in my career, I will carry with me the lessons and experiences gained while working as a Teaching Assistant. 

My heartfelt thanks to Mr. Khaled Dawas and Dr. Anwar Alshaikhkhalil, and my warmest congratulations to my dearest students/ graduates. You inspired me with your dedication and passion for medicine. It was an excellent opportunity to contribute to your educational journey. I am also grateful for FQMS’s support. Your commitment to quality medical education and dedication to healthcare professionals’ betterment is highly appreciated.

I hope to stay in touch with you at all times. I attached some pictures with my students just before the final OSCE (their last exam before being doctors!). With heartfelt appreciation and warm regards.” Abadallah