Gaza visit – June 2023

Khaled Dawas, Chairman of FQMS, and James Butterworth (Senior surgery fellow at University College Hospital in London) served as external examiners in surgery for the final year medical school exams in Gaza on 9th June in Gaza. After being given the long awaited Israeli permit to travel through Israel into Gaza on the day of travel, a long journey ensued. It took them to Gaza from the 8th to the 12th of June 2023. Khaled and James joined local examiners in assessing students’ knowledge and practical skills before they were granted licence to practice as doctors in Palestine. This contributes to the overall assessment process while ensuring the integrity and quality of medical school exams. They also met with the deans of medical schools, representatives of medicine students, Madrinha scholars, teaching fellows, and physicians. Additionally, Khaled attended meetings to discuss FQMS’s ongoing projects and ways to strengthen the partnership between FQMS and Gaza’s academic institutions. The site visits are part of FQMS’ commitment to supporting doctors in Gaza and improving medical education and healthcare throughout Palestine.