2023 – Graduate debt relief – Al-Azhar University

Through the graduate debt relief programme, FQMS successfully assisted 15 graduates in alleviating their financial burden, enabling them to fulfil their outstanding university debts and obtain their long-awaited certificates. The testimonials shared by these graduates attest to the positive impact of the programme on their lives and academic pursuits. Below, you will find their testimonials, highlighting the transformative effects of the debt relief initiative.


  1. Testimonial from Safia:

Due to the ongoing hard socioeconomic status of the people of Gaza Strip as they are currently only receiving only nearly half of their pay checks, as well as my own tough circumstances that I have been through; my father is currently unemployed, I live in a family of seven in a rented property, my mother is a housewife and our entire income is based on the salary that my father receives due to the fact that he was once a prisoner in the Israeli prison. This salary which is only NIS2,000, barely enough to put food on the table and pay rent, nevertheless pay for my university debts.

I have applied to FQMS with the hope that this might be my only way through to pay my debt, get my diploma, and be able to apply to the Palestinian residency program and work on my career in order to be ready to help the people and the community.


2. Testimonial from Rneem:

I am writing to express my profound gratitude for the generous grant you awarded me to pursue my medical education. This financial assistance comes as a ray of hope and a life-changing opportunity for me and my family. Allow me to provide some insight into my family background. We are a family of seven, and our household income barely exceeds 400$ a month. With such limited resources, providing for my siblings’ college education and meeting our daily expenses has been an immense challenge for my parents. Two of my siblings are attending university, adding to our financial strain. Receiving this grant has transformed my life and given me the chance to pursue my dream of becoming a medical professional. Additionally, it eases the burden on my parents, allowing them to allocate more resources to support my siblings’ academic pursuits. Not only has the grant alleviated our financial worries, but it has also provided me with the means to focus wholeheartedly on my studies. I can now fully engage in my coursework, participate in extracurricular activities, and take advantage of various learning opportunities without constant anxiety about financial constraints. Moreover, this grant has empowered me to dream big and set ambitious goals for my future. I am now confident that I can complete my medical degree and give back to society by serving those in need of healthcare, especially those from underprivileged backgrounds like mine. Once again, I extend my deepest appreciation for your unwavering support. Your kindness and belief in my potential have not only changed my life but also my family members who have supported me through every step of this journey. Your contribution will have a lasting impact on my future and the lives of those I hope to help in the future.

With heartfelt thanks and warm regards,


3. Testimonial from Asala:

I am a medical graduate from Al-Azhar University, Gaza, in 2022.

First, you have my full respect and appreciation. Thank you so much

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping.

I am from a family of 10 whose only supporter is my father. He is a employee . I have two of my family studying in universities, this will increase the load on my father and when I learned that I was lucky and my name was among the names that were chosen for the FQMS scholarship, I was very happy because this scholarship will make me able to obtain my university degree then I will start my career  and Without this scholarship, I would not have been able to pay my fees and obtain my degree.


4. Testimonial from Maram:

I am Maram, a medical graduate from Al-Azhar University, Gaza, in 2022. I am from a family of 8 whose only breadwinner is my father. He is a retired government employee with a salary of 1600 shekels per month. I have a sister who studies medicine at Al-Azhar University, Gaza, and she is now in her fifth year so it is difficult for my father to carry this burden alone. And when I knew that I was lucky and my name was among the names chosen for the FQMS scholarship, I was very happy because it helped me reduce part of the huge accumulated amount of university fees and for which I could not extract my certificate and in the end I extend my thanks to all who contributed to this good deed


Testimonial 5.

6. Testimonial from Khalid:

I am Khalid, 25 years old student who graduated from the medical school at Al-Azhar university With a huge debt upon my shoulders which has been accumulating for 6 years reaching approximately 20,000$, after my first year in college I couldn’t be able to even pay the minimum fees that would allow me to only enter exams without knowing my grades or how I did in any of my exams, so I am extremely thankful for your support that helped me to reduce the amount of debt required from me to get my certificate and start practicing my dream’s career.


7. Testimonial from Momen:

Hello, I am Momen, graduated from medical school at Abu Dis university- Al-Azhar branch.

Coming from a modest background, with a family struggling to make ends meet, and as you know, Israeli air strikes have annihilated hundreds of houses in Gaza. Among these houses ,in the year 2021, was my family’s only house.

Receiving this financial support has been a true blessing. With four siblings and limited family income, pursuing to get my certificate seemed like an unreachable dream. The grant has allowed me to breathe easier, focusing on my studies without worrying about how to cover expenses.

This assistance not only lightens the financial burden but also empowers me to excel academically and aim higher for my future. It’s incredible how this money has transformed my life, turning obstacles into opportunities.

Thank you very much.


8. Testimonial from Refqa:

I am a Palestinian medical graduate. I am writing this letter to request needed financial aid to obtain my university degree and keep up with my academic and professional life. 

Since last year in June, I finished my final exams of the last year from the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Azhar University of Gaza.

Currently, I’m desperately unable to get my marks and certificate due to the massive amount of money I’m indebted to the university.

I have no perspective of how my family or I can afford or collect such a massive amount of money to get my certificate.

I am grateful for your assistance


9. Testimonial from Amir:

Hello, I graduated last year from medical school at Abu Dis university- Al-Azhar branch

Hailing from a low-income household with both parents working tirelessly as laborers, higher education was a distant dream. The financial assistance I received has been a lifeline, allowing me to bridge the gap between aspiration and reality. With a large family to support, money was always scarce, making it difficult to focus on my studies. Now, I can finally breathe and dedicate myself fully to my academic pursuits. This support has enabled me to get my certificate and eventually work as a doctor.

As the first in my family to attend college, this financial aid not only eases the financial burden but also sets a precedent for future generations. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities this money has opened up, and I am committed to making the most of them. With determination and the support I’ve received, I’m now on a path to realizing my dreams and creating a better future for myself and my family.


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12. Testimonial from Mahmoud:


My name is Mahmoud, General practitioner doctor, graduated from Al-Azhar university in the last year, but I could not obtain my university certificate and marks due to incomplete payment to the university. So I am unable to continue on my medical journey.

My family consists of six members and suffer from many financial difficulty. As my father is retired, and my mother does not work and has many diseases. I also have two sisters in university and one brother recently finished university, but is not working.

Today, l am very happy and thankful for your financial aid. I am able to take my university degree and continue in my dream to specialise in orthopaedic surgery and register in employment exams.


13. Testimonial from Ola:

I am Doctor Ola. I graduated from Al-Azhar University in 2022. My father is a father of 6 children. His financial income is not sufficient for our needs, especially since we are all university students, my mother does not work, and my brothers are students. My study period was shared with the study period of 3 of my brothers and they were also students at the Faculty of Human Medicine, so it was difficult to pay our tuition fees. I thank you very much for your assistance. This will help me obtain a bachelor’s degree and pay part of the money owed to me.


14. Testimonial from Alaa:

I am Alaa, a graduate doctor. I graduated from Al-Azhar University-Gaza, and I could not get my degree because of the amount of money accumulated on me, and because of the poor financial situation, I will not be able to pay it. I live in a family of 12 people, and the only source of income for my family is my father whose salary does not exceed 2,900 shekels and he has other children who are studying at universities and other great responsibilities that he undertakes, and this scholarship will help me greatly in reducing the burden of the accumulated amount and increasing the chance of obtaining my degree sooner in order to complete my scientific and practical career that I have tried for many years and faced difficulties to reach it, and in conclusion I thank you for your great efforts in supporting and helping students and their families in Science and you are always friendly.


Testimonial 15.