Fatema’s elective 2023 – Turkey

Fatema went to her elective training course in cardiology at Istanbul Medeniyet University in Turkey, in July 2023. Below you will find her full report, testimonial, and photos.

“I am deeply grateful for the opportunity I received to study an elective course in cardiology at Istanbul Medeniyet University, made possible by FQMS’ generous support. My journey from Gaza to Istanbul was a life-changing experience, and the course exceeded my expectations. 

Throughout my time at the university, I had the privilege of learning from exceptional doctors who were not only knowledgeable in their field but also incredibly supportive. Their dedication to teaching and willingness to explain intricate concepts in detail greatly enriched my learning experience. 

Without FQMS’ financial support, this remarkable experience would have remained beyond my reach. The fund covered essential expenses such as airplane tickets but also enabled me to focus on my studies without financial stress. The fund played a pivotal role in helping me access resources and opportunities. These resources have contributed significantly to my growth as a student and aspiring professional in the medical field. Thank you for believing in and supporting my dreams!” Read the full report.

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