Jamal’s update – August 2023

Through our partnership with the Madrinha-Trust, Jamal Salha, a medical student at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG), was awarded a full undergraduate scholarship. He completed his studies and graduated in 2022. Recently, he passed the Palestinian Board exam and obtained the Palestinian license to practice medicine. Congratulations to Dr Jamal. FQMS is very proud of his accomplishment and wishes him the best of luck. Check out his testimonial, as well as the photos he shared with us.

“Great feeling to finish my internship period and have my medical license to practice medicine in Palestine. For this important achievement, I need to thank everyone in FQMS and Madrinha-Trust Family for supporting me in my medical school (Financially, making friends from different areas of the world, mentoring and giving me essential advice, and making my dreams easier to achieve). I am so happy and proud to be a part of FQMS and Madrinha-Trust Family (we are a very beautiful and great family ❤️”. Jamal,